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Piece: Solitary Melodies

This is Sarah Wald's piece using the audio contributions of each participant. Like the individual audio clips, it is free to download and use for your own purposes. If you do use it, please credit the Remote Ensemble Project and each of the participants.

This track is also on SoundCloud:

Image editing by Sarah Wald. Original Images provided by Pixabay.

Audio editing: Sarah Wald

Musicians: Sarah Wald (flute), Marissa Honda (oboe), Joseph Vasinda (bass clarinet), Steve Jessup (trombone), Stephen Downing (marimba), Jennifer Ellis (harp), Sakurako Kanemitsu (piano), Stephanie Dietz (soprano), Jeremy Huw Williams (baritone), Marina Ziegler (violin), Megan Yip (cello)

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